Blobs! Monsters! Creatures!
Plus an Old Dark Clubhouse!

Enter if You Dare!

Richard Olson and His Lovely Daughter Angie

Bill "Drac" Edwards as Mr. Hyde

Richard Olson Holds a Drawing He Sent to His Local Horror Host in the 1960s

A Closeup of Richard's Drawing of Prof. Fantastic

The Letter Richard Recieved From the TV Station
After Sending Them His Drawing of Prof. Fantastic
(Richard Showed the Only Surviving Episode of Fantastic Theatre in the ODCH)

Sara Karloff Poses with Some of the ODCH Gang in Front of Gary's Morgan Figure

Another Shot of Mr. Hyde (Bill's Makeup was Created by Ron Chamberlain)

Someone Must Have Said Something Funny!

Monster Kids Joe Busam, David "Taraco" Colton and Richard Olson

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