When I first started publishing Monsters from the Vault I heard many a horror story from other fanzine/magazine publishers about how they didn't keep enough copies of the their issues and now they fetched high prices, yet they didn't have any to sell. So I decided to keep a limited amount of each issue of Monsters from the Vault for future sales. All the copies kept for myself were handpicked from the entire print run and are absolutely MINT. After years of watching many of the sold out issues fetch top dollar on eBay and from dealers at conventions, I've decided to part with some of the hard to find issues from my personal collection. I've been monitoring the prices these issues have fetched and determined my pricing based on the average price over the years. There are two reasons I'm selling them now, one is to help eliminate some of the debt the magazine has incurred over the past thirteen years, and the other reason is to generate some seed money for the MFTV Convention coming in 2009. While the pricing might not be to everyone's taste (you may find them cheaper on eBay from time to time), I think its fair based on what I've seen the issues sell for over the years. Also, remember these are the absolute BEST copies available of each issue! Here's what's available (and the quantity):

MFTV #1 (10 copies): $200.00 each (only 500 printed)

MFTV #2 (10 copies): $100.00 each (only 1800 printed)

MFTV #3 (10 copies): $125.00 each (only 1300 printed)

MFTV #5 (10 copies): $50.00 each (only 2500 printed)

Shock! Theater: An Illustrated History (10 copies): $100.00 each (2000 were printed, but only 1000 were undamaged and sold)

     If someone needs all of the above contact me and I'll give you a better deal on the whole package. The shipping cost for all purchases is $10.00 (flat rate for one, or more issues) and includes double boxing and padding to prevent damage and insurance. After these are all gone I'll be offering copies of Monsters from the Vault #6, #7, #8, #10, #11, #15, #17, #18, and #19 (these are also all sold out) the same way. So if you missed out on some of the sold out issues of Monsters from the Vault, this is your chance to get PREMIUM copies directly from the publisher, while at the same time helping to keep MFTV alive for many years to come thanks to the elimination of some debt. I hope this offer enables some fans of the magazine to finally complete their collections of Monsters from the Vault. You can contact me at

P.O. Box 981
Abingdon, MD 21009-0981